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Time to introduce you the bunch of people, expat in the Netherlands, working in Rotterdam, living all around, writing on this blog.

A curly mum of two small boys. I come from Rome, but I'm half Argentinian.
One year ago I would have never thought about living in the Netherlands. Now I happily live in Rotterdam. Who know where I will be in 3 years time...
I love reading, dancing, spending time with kids and family, biking in the Netherlands, having good food. I'm an aspiring tech-savvy. I am curious about everything, and cannot ever stop my head going around. I love reading, writing (my hidden dream is to one day publish a novel!), and like everything linked to creativity. I also built a blog about kids party and mums life, and if you want to practice italian you can read it at

Often addressed as an a-typical Italian, I was born in Sicily, lived in Manchester, Toronto, Bruxelles, Rome and now Rotterdam.
I am enthusiastic about life and curious, I love to travel and to have enriching conversations drinking a bottle of good red wine.
I have a very crazy sweet tooth...give me a chocolate and you'll make me the most happy person on earth (until the next one :) ).
I love all the friends I have around the world, and I am thankful of having each of them in my life: they make me a better person everyday.
I love my family back home, my bones and heart.
I love volcanoes. And beaches.
I am interested in Politics, Advertisement, Design and Art in general.
I love reading novels.
I am single (hard to believe after my description...I know!!)

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