Monday, 17 March 2014


In Rotterdam

Did you ever heard of Restaurant Week? Is a trend very popular in NYC, and I happily discovered that even The Netherlands are feeding the foodies.
The concept is very simple: for a week (usually more than a week in reality) the restaurants are offering their 3 courses menu with 60% off.
If you are fast enough you can even get the chance to book some Michelin starred restaurant, where you can eat a real gourmet meal for something like 50 Euros per person.
I’ve already tried one in Rotterdam last week: Quartier Du Port, the restaurant of the Quartier du Port hotel on Van Vollenhovenstraat 48-50.
The atmosphere is nice and warm, food was good (even if honestly I am not sure worth the full price menu) and well presented.
We definitely had a good time!
My next try will be a 2 Michelin star restaurant: FG, and I will share my opinion on that one next week.
For now, give a look to the link below, you will find the Restaurant Week program and the link to the Quartier du Port.

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